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Cold Storage

We have 10 well-designed modern cold room warehouse with full facilities that can always keep our fruits in good condition always.  All cold rooms have been designed with centralized computer controlled temperature and humidity. The adjustable cold room environment has significantly lessen the effort of grouping and storing of fruits; for example, fruits produce ethylene gas will be segregated from fruits that are sensitive to ethylene gas and fruits that require high humidity will be segregated from those that are not. Our clients can rest assure their fruits and vegetables are in tip top condition and shrinkage rate will be maintained at the lowest possible. In the long run, our clients will also save on storage cost in constructing or expanding their existing cold room to accommodate sufficient stock to cater for the market demand in high season and also need not worry about the increase of running cost when the cold room is not fully utilized in low season.



We are devoted in delivering only the freshest fruits to our client.  To do that, we use form our own truck team for our delivery.  Today, we have 15 trucks of different capacities and 1 refrigerated truck in normal operation.  We have a pool of well-trained and experienced staffs and drivers and driver assistants, who are enthusiastic in providing excellent services to our clients.  By using our logistic service, our clients can save time in arranging their own logistics or acquire their own trucks and incur personnel and maintenance cost. Currently our logistic service for West Malaysia and we aim to expand our services to whole Malaysia included East Malaysia.

Retail Shop

To offer the best offer and quality fruits to all consumer, we also set up our first retail shop on year 2016.  Consumer can directly purchase the fruits they want with better offer yet get the same quality as others.  Our aim is to cover the whole West Malaysia with 50 retail shop in next 10 years.


Quality Control

All fruits imported are thoroughly inspected by our dedicated QA team to make sure only the best quality fruits be sent to our clients. We also performs field visits to the country of origin to monitor the growing, handling and packaging process to ensure the best quality fruits are imported for our customers.  At our warehouse, our warehousing department will monitor the temperature and atmosphere of all the cold rooms to ensure the best environment is maintained for our storage of different types of fruits.  Besides, our quality control personnel will also check thoroughly and monitor closely the quality of the fruits from the time they are unloaded from the containers to the time right before they are sent to our clients.

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